I am currently painting landscapes of various places I have visited in Ireland. I work in my studio from photographs I have taken 
during my travels there.  I have a strong spiritual connection to the land, its people and their culture. It is the land that my ancestors 
walked on and worked on, and surely, a place where I have spent many lifetimes.  The psychic footprints of those who have lived and 
worked in any location are embedded in the land itself, above and below it, in the surronding air and water.  The locations and 
compositions that I choose for my work are those that capture my soul and imagination, as well as my eye.  Here, I do not feel that the 
land is simply beneath my feet, but is also within me.  As I explore my spiritual and ancestral connection to the land, attempting to 
capture moments of spiritual communion I've experience with my surrondings, I am approaching these landscapes as sacred spaces, and 
addressing the connection of memory to space and location.  

- Colleen Deery